Will the PPF kits be noticeable?

The short answer is no.  Immediately after application, the film may appear hazy and have very tiny bubbles until the film has a chance to completely cure. 

When can I wash my vehicle for the first time after installation of PPF?

The installation of the film is a wet process.  We strongly recommend that you do not wash your vehicle for the first 7 days during the Spring/Summer/Fall months and 14 days in the Winter months after installation.  To ensure that the film does not lift, special care should be taken when using pressure washers.  We strongly advise our customers not to use the touchless washes because of the extreme pressure used.  Lifting your film using pressure will unfortunately not be warrantied due to human error.

What about Bird droppings and bug splatter?

Because both are acidic in nature, it is best to remove as soon as possible.  While the paint protection film adds protection to your vehicle, it can be marked from the acids etching into the film.  We recommend using a PH neutral cleaner and a soft cloth.

Can I wax or polish my film?

Of course you can!  You need to wait 7 days after the installation of your paint protection film before you can begin the process of waxing/polishing.  Polishes that are resin, solvent based or have abrasive particles should be avoided.  Using any of these products can mark the film, leaving it hazy or can damage the self-healing topcoat.  A natural wax like Carnauba can be used.  XPEL does carry their own line of sealants or detailing products.

What do I do about slight scratches and swirl marks?

Slight scratches can and do occur from such things as improper washing techniques and using a snow removal brush.  Depending on the ambient temperature, these light scratches and swirl marks will heal over a period of time on their own.  If you prefer to accelerate the process, you can warm up the paint protection film area by pouring warm (not boiling), clean water over that area.  This will help the top coat layer of the film to self-heal.


Car Pretty Inc. provides a 10 year warranty on all of our paint protection film that has been professionally installed at our shop.  We warrant your film from yellowing, cracking or lifting and we will replace any film that is, upon inspection, deemed to be a manufacturer’s defect.  The warranty does not cover damage to your paint protection film caused by accidents, collisions, intentional misuse, ordinary wear and tear, or damage caused by products or cleaners not recommended for use on paint protection film.

The staff at Car Pretty would be more than happy to talk to you about care product needs for your vehicle and we do offer a selection of products you can purchase from our showroom.  Don’t have time to come in and check what we have?  Just shop Car Pretty online.  We are here to help you keep your vehicle looking great for many years to come.

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