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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

  Can I install PPF myself?

  How to get started with your paint protection film?

  What areas of my vehicle should I put paint protection film on?

  Will the PPF kits be noticeable?

  When can I wash my vehicle for the first time after installation?

  What about bird droppings and bug splatter?

  Can I wax or polish my film?

  What about slight scratches and swirl marks?

  What is the warranty on Paint Protection Film?

Car Pretty PPF faq


  How to get started with custom decals?

  How to install my decals?

  How to remove my decals?

  How much do decals cost?

  Do I get to see the design before it’s manufactured?

  How long do decals last?

  Do decals damage your paint?

Car Pretty custom decal
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Window Tint

  How to get started with window tint?

  How much does it cost?

  Why do I see bubbles in my newly installed window tint?

  How long until I can roll my windows down?

  Does the tint go on the inside or outside of the windows?

Window tint at car pretty

Ceramic Coating

  How to get started with ceramic coating?

  What are the benefits of a ceramic coating?

  How long does ceramic coating last?

  What’s better to have - paint protection film or ceramic coating?



  Paint Protection Film (PPF)

  Window Tint


  Ceramic Coating

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