2mil Vinyl

Our 2mil vinyl is sold off the 15" or 24" roll, per linear foot, in select colors.

Key Features:

  • 2mil premium cast PVC vinyl.
  • Excellent performance in plotting, weeding and application.
  • Can be installed wet or dry.
  • High Gloss films have a 10-12 year life expectancy, metallic films 6-7 years.


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Gloss Black
Bright Orange
Fire Red
Metallic Gold
Metallic Gunmetal
Imitation Gold
Interstate Blue
Matte Black
Medium Blue
Olympic Blue
Real Teal
Metallic Silver
Tomato Red
Gloss White
Metallic Light Gold
Kelly Green
Dark Teal
Metallic Dark Mocha
Metallic Electric Blue
Ultra-Metallic Teal
Metallic Pewter
per foot off 15" roll
per foot off 24" roll

• A high performance cast PVC film with a permanent, acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive

• Opaque solid colour with high gloss

• Superior conformability for complex, curved surfaces

• Excellent UV, temperature, humidity and salt spray performance

• Designed for superior quality exterior graphics for the automotive, signage, and commercial industries

• Long-term durability with consistent performance

Personalize and refresh your vehicle's appearance. You can cut letters, logos, or symbols from this vinyl to advertise your company, favorite quotes, or your unique personality. Vinyl can also be applied on many other smooth surfaces including: interior walls, sign sub-straight, windows, etc.