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Ericksen Infiniti Nissan

We have now been dealing with you for 5 years and I am writing to thank you for your great service. I encourage all of my customers to protect their cars and SUVs with 3M rock chip protection because it keeps their cars looking good and increases their resale values. Great product and great installation keeps me looking good in my customers' eyes...

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Pillar Contracting Ltd.

Pillar Contracting Ltd. and Liftruck Training Institute have been a client of Car Pretty for 3 years now. In this short time my companies have had vehicle signage done on 13 units, as well as many other types of services. We also get our window decals, stickers, banners, signs, and magnets from Car Pretty. Dan and the rest of the staff at Car Pretty are GREAT!!! The workmanship is wonderful but the service stands out on its own. The prices are amazing for the detailed product you receive. I will always use Car Pretty for all of my decaling needs.

Western Camp Services

On behalf of Western Camp Services Ltd., I would like to extend a special thanks to you and your entire team at Car Pretty Inc. for the past two years. Your professionalism, efficient and competent manner is outstanding in all of the work you do for us. From your work directly with Western Camp Services Ltd. to the work with Admiraal Racing and Drunken Munkey Racing, thank you...

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3M has developed a Paint Protection Film to provide the automotive market with durable protection of a vehicle's vulnerable painted surfaces. Given the complexity of installing this product on a vehicle, 3M requires special skills of the installer to ensure a professional installation of 3M's product.

To impart these skills, 3M works extensively with selected installers to ensure that they are trained in the installation of this product on the painted surfaces of vehicles. The goal of this training is to promote a high-quality installation of Paint Protection Film in accordance with 3M's requirements.

This letter confirms that 3M sales and marketing representatives have worked extensively with Jurgen Stolk and Car Pretty Inc. to ensure that they are qualified to provide installations of 3M Paint Protection Film in accordance with our requirements.

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Tastes Like More

Without question, the logo work done by Car Pretty has been the single most significant contributor to the growth of our business and the cost to have the logo work done was less than any of the other advertising media we had attempted to date. It alone generated enough new business for us to survive in the early days and was one of the best business decisions we have made...

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Doug Bachman

It is with great pleasure that I offer this strong recommendation to conduct business with Car Pretty.

I recently had work completed on my vehicle and found the staff of Car Pretty to be of the highest professional standard.

The overall experience, from having flexible works of operation to demonstrating the highest quality of workmanship was nothing short of exceptional. It was also rewarding to deal with a company that completes projections within prescribed time lines, which also exceeded my expectations.

Once again, thank you for creating a positive customer experience, with the service and quality of workmanship you have demonstrated, Car Pretty will be the company of choice for all my future needs.

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